360 Degree Automatic Sonic Electric USB Rechargeable Toothbrush

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning: 2020 new teeth whitening Kit has powerful high lumens cold light, add with a powerful sonic vibration mode, you can whiten your teeth while brushing your teeth. The automatic whitening toothbrush better than a single whitening product or electric toothbrush comfortable teeth brushing, promote the health of the gums.
  • 3D Nano Cold Light Whitening Technology: U-shaped automatic toothbrush head design is more suitable for mouth shape, cold light can evenly illuminated on the teeth. Whitening system makes the process fast 💨 , eliminating the stains caused by coffee ☕, wine 🍷, and other foods you can't live without. Needn't spend expensive prices to go to the hospital to wash teeth, and get the same effect without damaging your teeth.
  • High Speed Vibration:With the rapid vibration of the brush head, the physical cold light can reach the depths of the tooth, and the cleaning effect is very significant.The silicone toothbrush head uses a thin strip of silica gel to wrap the exposed teeth in all directions, so that the teeth can be cleaned without dead corners.
  • Safe: Using nano cold light whitening technology alone and food-grade silicone soft material.No contain any substances that can cause adverse effects on the human body, such as Carbamide Peroxide. Keep using it for 10 minutes every day, 4-6 months will bring unexpected whitening effect.
  • AI Automatic Memory Function: The intelligent memory user's customary mode, waterproof teeth whitening kit will start from the last modes you used automatically.Convenient for the next use.