Electric Nail Cutter for Baby


Are you having a hard time clipping the fingernails of your newborn baby? Not everyone is capable of cutting the nails of a newborn baby with the use of a normal fingernail clipper. You might accidentally hurt your baby, especially if you do not have any idea how it is done. With the Fansidi Baby Nail Trimmer, you don’t have to worry about hurting your baby and see them scratching their face with their nails.

It comes with 4 working mods and rotation and it has 6 cushioned nail files. It comes with an LED light if you want to cut the nails of the babies at night and it is also very quiet so you won’t disturb their sleep.


•        Adjustable settings

•        Easy to use

•        LED lighting

•        Extremely quiet

•        4 working modes

•        6 cushioned sandpapers

•        Different accessories

We all had problems when cutting the nails of a newborn baby. Their fingers are very small so when you are using a regular nail cutter, it is very hard to cut the nails. There are also instances where you will accidentally clip the skin on their nails. This problem can be resolved by using the Fansidi Baby Nail Trimmer. It is a battery-operated nail trimmer to allow you to cut the nails of your newborn baby without hurting them.

You can adjust the modes of the nail trimmer and you can control its speed and rotation as well. It is very quiet and it comes with LED lighting.